BatonBiz.com offers sponsorship opportunities to all countries and organizations of the baton twirling community

  • Applicants must be a BatonBiz.com member to submit an application.
  • Applications and guidelines will posted in the member area under sponsorship.
  • Applications will be accepted through email
  • Successful recipients will be notified.


TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE AWARD sponsored by Jenny Hannah

  • This sponsorship was awarded to a junior and senior athlete training for technical excellence in all aspects of freestyle
  • Baton technique, baton technique and artistic expression
  • $250CAN to each recipient

Congratulations to Adaline Bebo of USA and Danielle Priel of Canada

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"TRIPLE CROWN AWARD" sponsored by Jennifer Marcus

  • This sponsorship is for the ultimate twirler…the one who competes in the Triple Crown…Solo, Two-Baton, and Three-Baton.
  • Out to find the ultimate baton twirler who also exemplifies the Triple Crown status in life balancing baton with school and community involvement
  • $250CAN
Congratulations to Catherine Ramirez of the USA

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RISING STAR TWIRLING TO THE TOP AWARD in memory of Sharon Holliday sponsored by Sheryl Holliday Raymond

  • Competitive Stream Athlete
  • Age 11 and under
  • $250 CAN

Congratulations to Jilena Baggerman of Holland

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MARK NASH AWARD sponsored by Dale White

  • Male baton twirler
  • The applicant must also have characteristics of having a kind demeanor toward fellow athletes
  • $250 CAN

Congratulations to Matthew Johnson of Canada

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